What is LondonSEO you ask?

LondonSEO is a quarterly networking meet-up for internet marketing professionals of all sorts (not just SEOs!) to have fun, drink far too much and make new friends in the industry. The meet-ups started in 2005 (yes that long ago) and are still going strong.

Don’t be shy, come along to the next one!

BBC Bash Balls-Up

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First of all, a big apology from me for not making the BBC Backstage party. I arranged my flight back from SES Chicago so that I’d be home in time, although unfortunately my flight was delayed.

I also apologise for under estimating the number of people planning to attend the party, which prevented many fellow LondonSEO brethren from attending.

Please post a comment if you did attend and I very much hope that you had a good time.

Moving on…

The next LondonSEO event (in February) will be just for us, and bigger then ever with attendees from the SES London conference. I’ll be checking out the pubs in proximity to the ExCeL centre this weekend and also have a couple of sponsorship options open to us. As Joseph Morin can’t make it to London this year, I’ll be helping out with the networking/beer organisation. I’m aiming to get a party for every night of SES, so make sure you clear the time off work in advance and get your conference pass signed off.

I’ll post back as soon as I have more news on the exact date, sponsor and venue.

Christmas Party With The Beeb

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I’m pleased to announce the next LondonSEO event, in association with BBC Backstage on Saturday 9th December at The Cuban near Moorgate Underground Station. Unfortunately free beer is not on the menu yet at this Christmas event, although I will rattle some cages to see if a big corp is willing to sponsor (any help with this is much appreciated). You see, this bash could feature 300+ SEO pilgrims, mobile marketing masters and techtastic webdevs – one of the largest pub gatherings of its kind.

I know it’s on Saturday, and the other-half wants to do their weekly trip to IKEA, but come on guys, Aunty Beeb needs us!

You can get on the guest list for this year’s most sort after event by visiting the following URL:

The guest list is expected to fill up very quickly, so please put your name down as soon as you read this.

It would also be much appreciated if you could post a comment below so that we know who’s going and remember to come and say hello to you.

I’ll be flying back from SES Chicago the day before, so expect me to be in a right old state!

See you there!

Belated Pics, Next Months Event and The Big Bash

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First of all, sorry for leaving it so long before uploading pictures of September’s bash to the blog. Jay took some great photo’s although I neglected to share them – so enjoy:

Secondly, Ekky and I were discussing holding another LondonSEO event next month, either pre or post Pubcon Las Vegas. We’ve yet to find a location or a sponsor though, so any suggestions are more then welcome.

With regards to Christmas, I’m looking into the possibility of LondonSEO joining the geekfest alliance party – headed up by the BBC Backstage API crew. More information on this event can be found here, although I’ve yet to locate and talk to the overall event organiser about crashing their shindig.

Lastly, in case you don’t already know, SES London 2007 has been moved forward to February. Unfortunately despite Danny renewing his contract for SES conferences, he will not be running the London event. I hope that he will still come down for the event though and perhaps join in with the LondonSEO crowd like last time. My guess for why he is not chairing the SES in his adobted homeland. is that he plans to create his own London based conference later next year (could be wrong though).

Stay happy, stay drinking and stay tuned – more info coming soon!

LondonSEO for SES Financial?

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I only realised a week or two ago that another Search Engine Strategies conference is to be held in London this year (this month in fact), specialising in the Finance Sector.

Holding LondonSEO in proximity or association with a conference or SEO meet-up has proven successful in the past, although who will actually be going to SES Financial? From looking at the sponsors, most of the SEOs going will be the speakers rather then attendees – with little involvement from the major engines.

I’ve started a post on the SEW Forums asking who’s going and would it be worth breaking our bi-monthly tradition for a party during this month. The more people who take part in the poll – the better. I’ll even buy you a free pint at the next LondonSEO gathering as a thank you 😉