What is LondonSEO you ask?

LondonSEO is a quarterly networking meet-up for internet marketing professionals of all sorts (not just SEOs!) to have fun, drink far too much and make new friends in the industry. The meet-ups started in 2005 (yes that long ago) and are still going strong.

Don’t be shy, come along to the next one!

Emergency LondonSEO Piss-up Announced

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Clear your diaries, re-arrange your client meetings and tell your family that you may be gone for quite some time – I’m calling into action an emergency LondonSEO meet-up. The occasion? Jen and Dave are holding their first 2 day SEM bootcamp, so we’d like to be there to support them. After a quick chat with Jen, we’re planning to hold the celebratory pint-chugging shindig on Wednesday 21st March (the last day of their event).

I was thinking that we’d kick off the party at 6ish for non-SDs and the SDs can join us as soon as they finish their final session.

The venue is still to be confirmed, although will be in the Euston/Kings Cross area. All SEMs are welcome as long as they don’t wear a Dave Pasternack T-Shirt or act like a wanker.

Help Wanted:
If you know of anyone who’d be interested in sponsoring the LondonSEO bar tab, please let us know. It usually works out as £15 a head, which is extremely cheap for any company looking to make contacts in the industry (Recruiters, SEM Agencies, Affiliate Networks etc). I wonder if we can get every online poker site to sponsor a LondonSEO event? 😀

Official SEO Days Photograph ;):
Jen Slegg and Dave Naylor

The LondonSEO Conference Party Strikes Again!

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I’m happy to say that this year’s SES London party was a great success with an excellent turn-out. Despite not having the exhibition crowed and being in the middle of nowhere, last night was the largest LondonSEO ever!

A big thank you to everyone who attended the event and a special pat on the back for Danny Sullivan who travelled down from his home near Stonehenge to join us. Apologies came from Matt Cutts and Rory Brown who would have been castrated by their wives if they tried to attend!

New faces this year included Googlers Brian White aka Euro Matt (bloody nice guy), and the ever radiant Vanessa Fox. Just in case Matt reads this, we refused to serve the Googlers soft drinks and forced them to drink beer – honest! 😉

Last but not least, I’m sure that everyone appreciates Party Poker picking up the drinks bill, I’m ashamed to say that we only drank through half our beer budget. Those of you who came to LondonSEO for the first time, we hope to see you again at our future bi-monthly parties.

Now…. here are the incriminating photos:

Gary Beal and evilgreenmonkey.

Amanda Watlington and friend.

Anita Chaperon taking part in the evil staring contest with Chintan whilst Julie does her best to look sober.

DaveN contributing to our Where’s Wally? collection.

Elisabeth Osmeloski, evilgreenmonkey and Gary Beal

Tony Spencer cringes at another Crazy Dan moment.

Mike Nott joining Julie in pretending not to be drunk.

Barry and Nik in a heated debate.

Possibly the first ever picture of JasonD smiling? j/k

Never a dull photo when Dave Naylor is around, Jennifer Slegg looks rather scared!

Jay Young dishing out the prizes in the Party Poker raffle.

Str0ud hanging out with Chris Sherman.

Our Swedish friend Lisa Ditlefsen and SEO Fan Girl.

AussieWebmaster and friends – in for the long haul.

TallTroll showing his appreciation for the free beer.

Greg Jarboe and company enjoying some beer.

Lisa trying to compete with DaveN for the craziest looking SEO.

Nik and Barry – The happily married couple. Nik joins the Jay’s Glasses phenomenon.

The 2 Mikes from Party Poker audition for the next Kay’s Catalogue.

DaveN and AussieWebmaster after telling people that they’re pure White Hats and admire Doug Heil.

Danny arrives fashionably late, but brings the finger buffet of chocolate doughnuts.

Lisa bottles Danny and steals his doughnuts.

Vanessa and Brian asking the bloggers not to tell Matt about the beer… oops!

Danny enjoys a pint with Mike.

evilgreenmonkey explains to Brian White why his face has to blurred-out in photos.

The hardcore drinkers continue drinking into the night.

These pictures and more can be found on St0ud’s website:

SES London Party – PartyPoker Pulling the Pints

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You’re probably thinking that we’ve left things to the last minute, but we were really just keeping you in suspense… really!

The chosen venue for this year’s LondonSEO Big Party is Fox@Excel, located at the bottom of the stairs leading into the conference centre.

Downstairs Entrance To Fox@Excel Bar Fox@Excel Bar - Next To The ExCeL Centre Inside the Fox@Excel Bar

As you can tell, our main concern was proximity to SES London although it’s still quite nice inside. Our friends and colleagues at PartyPoker have returned after last year’s tremendous party to be our 2007 sponsors. They’ll be starting off the night by putting their card behind the bar – free beer in true LondonSEO tradition! If you’re interested in making some big bucks out of the sky rocketing number of new European online poker players, please go up and chat to one of the PartyPartners affiliate managers on the night.

Where and when?
Date: Thursday 15th February 2007 – 5pm onwards

Map of the Fox@Excel Bar

Venue Name: Fox@Excel
Address: K Warehouse, Excel Centre, 2, Western Gateway, London, London E16 1DR.
Location: Fox@Excel – walk to the bottom of the steps at the entrance to ExCeL and it’s in the warehouse on the right.
(I’ll stick up some photos and perhaps a video shortly)
Nearby Transport: Custom House (ExCeL)
Custom House is on the same branch as Tower Gateway station (opposite Tower Hill station). Tower Hill has Circle and District lines, with Bank/Monument (Central, Northern, Circle, District, DLR) about 5 minutes away.

Unfortunately the European search engine divisions couldn’t prise apart their moth eaten wallets for a non-private party this year, like errm… all the other years. Seems like we need to fly across the pond still to feel the love from the big 4. But no hard feelings, you’re all more than welcome to crash our party.

SES London 2007 – LondonSEO Date Confirmed

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I’m happy to announce that we’ve now settled on Thursday 15th February 2007 as the next LondonSEO event, held during the SES London conference.

I’m in the process of getting the venue booked up, although it will be in easy walking distance of the conference centre.

We’re expecting close to double the number of people compared to last year’s big SES party, so getting a sponsor to commit is taking a little longer then normal. I will be posting here again shortly to confirm both venue and sponsor details.

As usual we’ll be offering free beer and what will hopefully turn out to be an absolutely fantastic evening!

To make sure that there’s room for all our regulars, we’re going to hold a place for everyone on our Mailing List. If you’re a LondonSEO fan and want to make sure that your guaranteed your SEO beer bonanza, please stick your name on our list now.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 🙂