Sponsoring An Event

LondonSEO is a networking event for the Internet Marketing industry that was started in 2005. Despite the name, the regular party attracts people from all forms of internet marketing including PPC experts, Domainers, Social Media-ites, PR professionals, Affiliates and (of course) SEOs.

The number of attendees at each event differs, although usually consists of 50-150 marketers. Although we have run events in the past without a sponsor, our preferred model is to ask a business to put their credit card behind the bar and cover the beers.

In return, sponsors get to network with what is essentially the core of the UK internet marketing industry, as well as get their website promoted on the LondonSEO.org website.

Previous sponsors have included recruitment agencies, online gaming companies, search marketing agencies, marketing conferences and independent websites. LondonSEO is the perfect place to recruit new internet marketing experts, acquire new affiliates for your brand, sell to the industry and establish new partnerships.

The event is not-for-profit and the organisers do not handle any money, all donations go straight behind the bar. Cost of sponsorship can be anything between £1,000 for a small event, up to £2,000 for a large event. The more people that get to see your brand, the more pints needed – simple as that. Most sponsors put a cap on their bar tab, so that spending does not get out of control.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events, please email [email protected].