Christmas Party With The Beeb

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I’m pleased to announce the next LondonSEO event, in association with BBC Backstage on Saturday 9th December at The Cuban near Moorgate Underground Station. Unfortunately free beer is not on the menu yet at this Christmas event, although I will rattle some cages to see if a big corp is willing to sponsor (any help with this is much appreciated). You see, this bash could feature 300+ SEO pilgrims, mobile marketing masters and techtastic webdevs – one of the largest pub gatherings of its kind.

I know it’s on Saturday, and the other-half wants to do their weekly trip to IKEA, but come on guys, Aunty Beeb needs us!

You can get on the guest list for this year’s most sort after event by visiting the following URL:

The guest list is expected to fill up very quickly, so please put your name down as soon as you read this.

It would also be much appreciated if you could post a comment below so that we know who’s going and remember to come and say hello to you.

I’ll be flying back from SES Chicago the day before, so expect me to be in a right old state!

See you there!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Party With The Beeb

  1. It looks like BBC Backstage is at maximum capacity so we may need to hold our own separate bash. Would be interested in your thoughts and whether you’ve managed to successfully sign-up to this event.

  2. Hey, yeah it looks like the BBC backstage event is full. What a shame, really wanted to go.
    Have added my name on the waiting list but chances looks slim…Evilgreenmonkey should we
    make an additional party? Would be great to meet other SEO geeks, I’m always hanging out on
    US SEO blogs but finding it difficult to get in contact with the UK SEO crowd…are they all

    Lisa =)

  3. Hiya. Tried to leave a comment the other day on this post but didn’t work?? Have been searching
    high and low for some sort of SEO community in London. Christmas bash is a great idea, shame it’s
    packed! Even 200 or so names on the waiting list. Ouch. So how about we hook up and organise an
    alternative, I’ll be more than happy to help organise something. Just even a simple meet in a pub
    and meet fellow SEO geeks would be great!

  4. Hi Lisa, I’m gonna start looking at dates and venues next week. We’ll need to strike a balance between giving people enough notice and not getting too close to Christmas. I’ll post something up as soon as we’ve confirmed it, so make sure you’re all on the mailing list in order to get an instant update. With regards to comment posting, we get 300 spams for every genuine post – so it takes quite a while to sift through it all :oS

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