Belated Pics, Next Months Event and The Big Bash

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First of all, sorry for leaving it so long before uploading pictures of September’s bash to the blog. Jay took some great photo’s although I neglected to share them – so enjoy:

Secondly, Ekky and I were discussing holding another LondonSEO event next month, either pre or post Pubcon Las Vegas. We’ve yet to find a location or a sponsor though, so any suggestions are more then welcome.

With regards to Christmas, I’m looking into the possibility of LondonSEO joining the geekfest alliance party – headed up by the BBC Backstage API crew. More information on this event can be found here, although I’ve yet to locate and talk to the overall event organiser about crashing their shindig.

Lastly, in case you don’t already know, SES London 2007 has been moved forward to February. Unfortunately despite Danny renewing his contract for SES conferences, he will not be running the London event. I hope that he will still come down for the event though and perhaps join in with the LondonSEO crowd like last time. My guess for why he is not chairing the SES in his adobted homeland. is that he plans to create his own London based conference later next year (could be wrong though).

Stay happy, stay drinking and stay tuned – more info coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Belated Pics, Next Months Event and The Big Bash

  1. Looks like it was wicked. Shame I couldn’t make it 🙁

    Will definitely try for the SES London tie up though – need a bigger venue this year!

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