SES London 2007 – LondonSEO Date Confirmed

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I’m happy to announce that we’ve now settled on Thursday 15th February 2007 as the next LondonSEO event, held during the SES London conference.

I’m in the process of getting the venue booked up, although it will be in easy walking distance of the conference centre.

We’re expecting close to double the number of people compared to last year’s big SES party, so getting a sponsor to commit is taking a little longer then normal. I will be posting here again shortly to confirm both venue and sponsor details.

As usual we’ll be offering free beer and what will hopefully turn out to be an absolutely fantastic evening!

To make sure that there’s room for all our regulars, we’re going to hold a place for everyone on our Mailing List. If you’re a LondonSEO fan and want to make sure that your guaranteed your SEO beer bonanza, please stick your name on our list now.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 🙂

19 thoughts on “SES London 2007 – LondonSEO Date Confirmed

  1. Hiya Rob,

    That’s great, looking forward to my first LondonSEO event =) It will also be my first year at
    SES London conference, going to attend all three days! See you there.


  2. Wonderful! No matter what I intend to see you all there!

    Well, that is – unless husband chooses that day to do a Valentines dinner on… then married life comes first I’m afraid.

  3. Hi evilgreenmonkey,

    I went to your website and signed up for your newsletter and used the code, but I could not get 10% OFF for SES London. I was trying to register 2 people and the code didnt work. It probably applies to prices after this friday ?


  4. Hi Rob

    I would like to come to the party but will I need an SES pass to get in? Last year I just went
    to the expo which allowed free beer at London SEO, but this year the expo finishes a day before
    the party. I probably won’t be able to attend both.

    Any chance of letting me in as I am on the mailing list?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Pidea: Send me an email with your full name, company and email address and I’ll add you manually.

    sem4u: You should be on the guest list, although as long as the expo/conference pass is for this year then you’ll be able to get it. We basically just want to stop freeloaders getting in who don’t work in the industry and pass+card seems to do the trick. 🙂

  6. What hotel do people recommend that is inexpensive? I have to pay for it personally so I don’t want to drop too much.
    Do any London SEO folk know if Custom House Hotel is OK/relatively close?
    Otherwise it is up at 5:30am just to get to the venue for 9am for me *sobs*


  7. Customs House Station connects onto the conference centre although I’ve not heard of or seen that hotel. The main conference hotel is the Crowne Plaza, although there’s a Novotel and Ibis literally opposite. The Ramada hotel is at the other end of the dock, so about a 10 minute walk.

  8. My wife and I are staying at the Custom House. So I hope it’s nice. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. Hey, what’s the deal on signing up for Thursdays party? I get the following message removed personal data

    Can someone sign us up…

    Edit: People not on the mailing list are more than welcome to attend and thanks for the heads-up on the subscription bug. 🙂

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