Emergency LondonSEO Piss-up Announced

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Clear your diaries, re-arrange your client meetings and tell your family that you may be gone for quite some time – I’m calling into action an emergency LondonSEO meet-up. The occasion? Jen and Dave are holding their first 2 day SEM bootcamp, so we’d like to be there to support them. After a quick chat with Jen, we’re planning to hold the celebratory pint-chugging shindig on Wednesday 21st March (the last day of their event).

I was thinking that we’d kick off the party at 6ish for non-SDs and the SDs can join us as soon as they finish their final session.

The venue is still to be confirmed, although will be in the Euston/Kings Cross area. All SEMs are welcome as long as they don’t wear a Dave Pasternack T-Shirt or act like a wanker.

Help Wanted:
If you know of anyone who’d be interested in sponsoring the LondonSEO bar tab, please let us know. It usually works out as £15 a head, which is extremely cheap for any company looking to make contacts in the industry (Recruiters, SEM Agencies, Affiliate Networks etc). I wonder if we can get every online poker site to sponsor a LondonSEO event? 😀

Official SEO Days Photograph ;):
Jen Slegg and Dave Naylor

9 thoughts on “Emergency LondonSEO Piss-up Announced

  1. Bah! I’d definitely be there if I weren’t flying back from Elite Retreat that day. Next time…

  2. Hmmm, I’ve planed to be in London either the week before or the week after.
    Just gonna have to reschedule that visit yet again…

  3. Hmmm never heard if this London SEO gang and yet I live in… London! Well, South-West London, Surrey really but within the old (Ja)M25.

    I’ll drop in and say “Hi” on Wednesday!


  4. Rob – don’t let that bad boy Ekky lead you astray! He was nearly forcing me to drink more beer
    at the last event!

    Would be good to meet you T0PS30 🙂

  5. I am definitely looking forward to this one… I think Dave and I will definitely be able to use the drinks after talking for two days straight!

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