We’ve sold our souls

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

In Mike’s glorious ambition to become a corporate whore and wear a suit with braces to work, the LondonSEO crew will be at Ad:Tech today and tomorrow, exhibiting their new company Ayima Search Marketing (shameless plug).

But on a serious note, we’ll also be at Lisa’s piss-up tomorrow in The Crown & Sceptre from 6:30 onwards. I hope she’s not trying to compete with LondonSEO! Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all there, we’ll probably be down there early.

More information on the next official LondonSEO event at SES@a4u coming soon.

5 thoughts on “We’ve sold our souls

  1. Hope the show goes well for you – I’m sure it will. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make Lisa’s do, although I’m looking forward to (kind of) buying the drinks at the next LondonSEO.

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