LondonSEO Wedding in Vegas

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Two of our very own LondonSEO regulars are planning to tie the knot!!

Rob (evilgreenmonkey) and Lisa Ditlefsen ( have decided to take the plunge at this December’s WmW PubCon in Las Vegas.

Rob & Lisa Kerry

The only potential hold up could be: that for it to go ahead, Rob needs to be ranking top ten on Google for ‘weddings’ by then.

So they thought that this little clause would save them, but alas no, I have taken it on myself to spam the SEOsphere getting people to link to Rob’s site with the anchor text of weddings.

So, to qualify for free drinks at the next LondonSEO party (SES@A4U – 25th October) you need to drop the link and help spread the word: digg it & sphinn it

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