Affiliate Yourself With LondonSEO

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

A lot of the attendees to LondonSEO events are either full-time or on-the-side affiliates, using their SEO and online marketing skills to make cold hard cash. Embracing this relationship, we would like to announce the next event which will take place during this year’s Affiliate4u conference. Feeding back into SEO, Search Engine Strategies have now joined the conference to offer a medley of search and affiliate goodness.

Although a venue and sponsor have yet to be found, please mark Thursday 25th October down in your diaries for our meet-up and remember to get your conference pass to the event at the SES@A4U website.

More information coming soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Yourself With LondonSEO

  1. I’ll try and get you promo code, might only be 10% though.

    A lot of the guys from LondonSEO will be at the September meet in Manchester, so we’ll see you down there 🙂

  2. Ach – do we have to be attending the event to hang or can we crash having not attended?

    It would be nice to make it to something at some point before next year 🙂

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