The Brighton Experience

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Thanks once again to all of you who attended Friday’s LondonSEO event in sunny Brighton, it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. We’d like to give a special mention to our sponsors Propellernet and organiser Dan Caplin who made the occasion possible.

LondonSEO in Brighton

For those of you who prefer trains of the underground variety, our usual London based events will be along again soon. One future event will be the Big Party for SMX London which we’ve pencilled in for 16th November near Euston, so get it in your diaries now! We’ll also try and squeeze one in for the end of September hopefully, which we may already have a sponsor for.

If your hunger for beer and SEO cannot hold out that long though, there’s an event similar to LondonSEO taking place in Manchester (near Scandinavia) on 14th-15th September. More information on this event can be found on the Search Engine Serious Blog.

And lastly, as our fellow LondonSEOer Str0ud could not be with us in Brighton; he wrote, sang, animated and directed a very cool video for us (well, sent me the link to it anyway).

6 thoughts on “The Brighton Experience

  1. Link spammer 😛

    I don’t think those photos are viewable to non-FB users and people not in the group. As you know, I took crap pictures at this event (although I usually don’t take any – so a small improvement).

  2. Loved the photos! Sad to have missed the event but I had been out every night that week and husband was starting to think we were roommates and not husband and wife!

    Looking forward to the SMX event!

  3. Shame you missed it Judith… but I guess we would have been really spoiled to have three SEO chicks in attendance.

  4. I’m sorry that Rob was unable to arrange to have me flown in for this. Poor showing on his part. However, debauchery is nothing in which I take any sort of pleasure and I was happy sitting at home watching CSI: Miami and eating cupcakes while Mahoud and Lisa cavorted around like drunken out-of-town bunnies. I think that this may have been a plan to keep the SEO Chicks from outnumbering the SEO Blokes in number of attendees as well as relevant, meaningful, quality SEO blog posts. (Cough)

  5. *teeheehee*

    Well, I hope you’ll be flown over for the SMX event – maybe we need a SEO-Chicks contingent at all the SEO events *grins*

    Shame I can’t wear a SEO Chick t-shirt to the conference I’m speaking at 🙁

    g1smd – would have been nice to see ya again but hopefully we’ll all meet up at the SMX event!

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