AlFresco – It’s Italian For “Pissup”

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I know that Italy shares a border with France – but on the positive side, they did bring us Pizza and the “dive and cry” technique in football. They’re also going to be the host venue of our next LondonSEO event; although as Ekky can’t get through Airport Security without an in-depth cavity search these days, we’re heading for an Italian bar on the beach in Brighton.

Dan Caplin has kindly organised the venue and has spoken with our latest event sponsor – the Brighton Search Marketing Agency Propellernet. The event will take place on Friday 3rd August from 8pm, although I’ll probably try to get down there for 6:30 for a spot of dinner. We organised this one for Friday so that those of us working in London, don’t have to worry about traveling back to work the next day. There are plenty of hotels in the local area, so get yourself booked in if you’re up for an all-nighter (I’ll most likely stay at the Holiday Inn).

Venue Details:

Date: Friday 3rd August 2007
Time: 8pm onwards
Location: Alfresco, Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 2LN [Google Map] [Streetmap]
Nearest Station: Brighton Station [Google Map Directions]

There are currently 32 direct train services every weekday from Brighton station to London Victoria, of which 26 are express services with an average 50 minute journey time. There are up to a further 60 direct services every weekday from Brighton to Bedford via London Bridge, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon and King’s Cross Thameslink run by First Capital Connect.

I know it looks a bit artsy fartsy, but I’ll probably bring down the tone quite a bit anyway.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

24 thoughts on “AlFresco – It’s Italian For “Pissup”

  1. wohoo, sounds fantastic! Really looking forward to it, me and my wicked new junior SEO (Rebecca Scott) will be heading down on Friday and staying over in a B&B.

  2. Stephen I wouldn’t worry about Rob taking the p*ss, he’ll probably be occupy himself with a few episodes of Babylon 5 or the like! There are quite a few of us who went to Glasto so enjoy and hopefully see you at the next LSEO.

  3. As it’s Pride weekend Brighton is pretty booked up that weekend, and most places have a three-night minimum.

    Bugger, I didn’t know that London Pride was such a popular beer. Maybe we need an emergency re-scheduling?

  4. Just returned from a two week holiday to find out it’s SEO Pride Weekend on the 3rd August.

    Let’s keep it as it is, there are plenty of B&Bs and Guest Houses in and around Brighton…try some of the Hove hotels as they are just along the road.

    I’ll put together a list of alternative hotels and B&Bs and will post up shortly.

  5. As long as they are only a short cab ride away… easier to stumble back to room but stumble in to and out of cab OK too…

  6. I just arrived in the UK and would like to head along to this. Do you have to be a member of anything to join in? Also, what is the dress code? Thanks.

  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone can join this event if they leave a donation or do you have to join somewhere? Thanks.

  8. Hi Frank, you don’t need to be a member of London SEO to attend. Just get ready for some beers and SEO related chat. This time we have a sponsor so you don’t need to worry about donating. See you in Brighton on Friday!

  9. I had thought of missing out on Brighton Pride, but now that the SEO Italian style pissup is gona be there as well, i’m sorely tempted….

    Gawd all the decisions!

  10. Huge thanks to Dan for organising this, should be a good one and long overdue!
    Question is, will Brighton be ready?
    LisaDit armed with a new sidekick hitting Brighton on a Friday night – will there be enough doughnuts!?
    Be good to see you all again.

  11. It was a great night…

    I think we finished at 5 a.m. or so; though we “lost” Ecky at about 1 a.m. between venues.

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