Sorry Brett, we’re hijacking the Cittie of Yorke!

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To be fair, Pubcon hasn’t been held in the Cittie of Yorke pub for donkey’s years – so I think that we’re safe to hold a LondonSEO there (pretty please Mr Tabke?). Unfortunately the Princess Louise pub which was previously planned for the next event is currently under renovation, so it’s time for Plan B… well Plan C really.

For anyone who hasn’t been to one of the old London Pubcon’s™, the CofY is a fantastic tudor-looking building and is part of the mighty Sam Smith’s brewery. After explaining who we were and what SEO is, the landlady generously offered private use of the downstairs dungeon bar for our exclusive use because – “the last thing I want is a load of UNIX shirt wearing pony-tailed geeks scaring off all the regulars”. Ooops, I haven’t even said when it’s going to be yet – it’s now fixed at Tuesday 29th May, so that Dixon doesn’t get told off by his wife. It happens to also be the birthday of one of LondonSEO’s founding fathers, Tim Webb (second on the left), the Java programmer who pretends he’s not an SEO.

Although we usually ask for sponsors, we’re going to try something a little different this time. Below is a donations button, you can donate what ever amount you like and it all goes into the kitty. We then put the kitty behind the bar and if there’s any money left over we keep it for the next event. There’s now a Donations Page which gives thanks to people who contribute at each event. Please include your name and website when donating, or ask to be listed as Anonymous on the PayPal payment page.

Now, we don’t like to set an agenda for these meets as we end up talking about religion and politics after 4 pints anyway; but we would like to plant something into your head (next to your Google implant). If LondonSEO was to be expanded into a UK association for our industry – what would you like from it and how would you run it? We’re not planning on making a UK-SMA clone – more of an inclusive group for in-house, freelancers, affiliates and agencies alike. There will be no charters or boards; we may organise 1 day events though and make membership a sign of reputation and integrity (or just reputation for the Black Hats ;)). I know this all sounds a bit generic, but we don’t want to form anything without putting everyone’s suggestions and ideas together. By the people, for the people, as someone I don’t know said. Have a think about it, make sure you attend this event and then shout abuse at us.

Anyways, here’s the science bit…

Date: Tuesday 29th May 2007 from 6pm onwards.
Venue: Cittie of Yorke, 22 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6BN [Google Maps] [Streetmap].
Nearest Station: Chancery Lane (Central Line).

Cittie of Yorke Location Cittie of Yorke Outside Cittie of Yorke Inside
(images courtesy of Streetmap and Beer In The Evening)

22 thoughts on “Sorry Brett, we’re hijacking the Cittie of Yorke!

  1. Ooohhhh… like the org idea – was just chattering about that with someone else.

    These 1 day events – I hope it’ll be beer, beer and more beer to hold us over through any talks ended with some beer.
    Mind, I do like to mix it up with mojitos, brambles, and other mixed fruity drinks but then again I am trying to get my 5 a day and what better way then fruity drinks?

    beer… part of my 5 a day?

    I’ll miss this one due to being with moose, maple syrop and doughnuts but look forward to future ones!

  2. Good plan monkey boy =) And yes as I have said before, let’s get the UK SEO community under one roof without making a “suits of seo board”. Got loads of ideas, and as I said before I’m willing to help out as much as I can. Aiii. See you the 29th.

  3. Lovely stuff – cheers for organising this. Donated some beer money. See you all at the end of the month!

  4. Sounds good, will be my first time coming to this (even though I have been meaning to come for ages)…Ummm I have a samurai looking pony tail but no Unix t-shirt. It is cool how she knew about Unix though :).

  5. I just want to make it clear that we had a good chat with Brett at PubCon last year and put an end to any differences that we had.

    Unfortunately, our silly little monkey boy doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo and decided to be a bit sarky.

    Anyway, I hope no offense was taken, as none was meant.

  6. I wasn’t allowed to go to Pubcon so I wouldn’t know πŸ˜›
    PS. A separate donation page to send me to Pubcon so I can apologise to Brett will be published shortly. πŸ˜€

  7. Okay, you’re deffinitely bringing that baby along! Might be a little hard to park it outside the pub along High Holborn though πŸ˜€ I think JasonD is organising another Threadwatch meet-up, so can I take it for a spin in the safety of a country hotel car park?

  8. You’re more than welcome to come along Séan, all SEO’s and Search Marketers are welcome. Feel free to invite other SEOs along as well, the more the merrier. The majority of the crowd are freelancers or people who read a lot of the forums, so it would be nice to get the word out to SEOs in agencies and in-house SEMs if possible.

  9. Is it also open for employees of huge search engine companies?? πŸ™‚

    Can I bring a friend? I’ve not posted before (only just discovered this group) but am keen to get to know some SEOs around London to discuss search stuff and also get drunk πŸ™‚

  10. Just a head-up…

    Mike Mindel (CTO, Director & co-founder of Wordtracker) will be in-da-house.

    Wordtracker are looking for marketing developer (I.E. someone who knows internet marketing but is also good at object oriented PHP and agile methodologies like test driven design)… and Mike asked me if I know of anyone with such super-human abilities.

    Sadly I have no friends and no one talks to me. I don’t care, I prefer it that way. *grin*

    However, if you’re interested… Mike should be at the meet – with beer in hand. Attract is attention with another beer offer, and go from there…


  11. Hi – looks like a great event and venue. But, I am a bit new here – what does the group talk about (before the beers)? Is it all teccy stuff? If so, I’m out. If it is how to more successful online, sharing ideas and generally networking then I might be able to come (and vaguely understand some of the talk).

  12. I will be there. See you all later…well the ones that want to speak to me anyway πŸ˜‰ lol

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