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We’re in the process of planning the next LondonSEO and have Thursday 31st May pencilled in at the moment. I know that people come from far and wide to join us, so we try to mix up the areas of London where these events are held.

I’d be interested in knowing peoples preferences with these 2 pubs:
Princess Louise – Sam Smiths pub, so more beer for your buck.
The Anchor – Tables outside by the river, although rain may be an issue.

I also had a couple of people at our last event say that they were interested in sponsoring a future event. Unfortunately I was a little drunk at the time and don’t recall who it was, so please email me if you were one of them or know someone who’s interested. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Planning The Next LondonSEO

  1. The Princess Louise is a great pub – very friendly, great beer and great Sam Smiths prices. I’ve spent many a weekend there. Not made it along to a London SEO event yet but hope to make it this time!

  2. Good stuff – determined to make this one! Not been to either pub, but I’d vote for the Victorian gin palace (Princess Louise) over the Harvester lookalike (Anchor).

  3. Not a fan of Sam Smiths (no Guinness – BOO!), but The Anchor has never been the same since they revamped it (or ripped out its soul as I prefer to think of it.

    How about somewhere in Soho (he says, thinking about how easy that would be for him to get to from the office!)?


  4. The dates aren’t set in stone, although I’m going to be in India on the 2nd and maybe 3rd week of May. The absence of Guinness is a shame for the Princess Louise, although it’s worth drinking Lager just to be in such a nice pub. I don’t think that most of us are posh enough to get into a Soho bar, although if you put down the wonga we may be persuaded πŸ˜‰

  5. Now I’m a sworn guinness advocate, but I can fully vouch for a pint of Sam Smith’s Old Brewery being the smoothest pint of bitter in the land!

  6. I consider myself a professional Guinness Swiller by trade but I welcome the opportunity to break from the SQ and visit one of Mr. Smith’s fine boozers. The Princess gets my vote but we have to check the closing time. Many of Sam’s places have auld fashioned hours but I’m normally too pissed to care. Also we should consider The Cittie of Yorke purely for its size and connection to the SEO community as well as my favorite pub in london, The Angel in Soho.

  7. I’m off for the second half of May but if I was around, I’d def. vote for the Princess Louise.

    We could do an alt.smx and drink to their health while they sleep being a gazillion hours behind us…

  8. Rob, quit confusing me! You guys say pissed not drunk…don’t-choo-now? (That’s the new bird I have (proper Yorkshire girl) would say.

    Sorry I missed the last one, had a bulging disc in the back.

    The Anchor is great, but IÒ€ℒll go wherever.


    Sorry, somehow I deleted a few lines of my original post :o(

  9. SSmiths has a great bottle of Porter which beats Guiness anyway.

    New here – but happy to come along to meet other SEOs.

  10. I’ll be there again!

    No preference on which pub but somewhere close to a train or tube as I will be travelling up from Brighton again.

    Hey Kelvin, well up for organising a Brighton one in the summer! Get everyone from London down and all the Brighton crowd together for a seaside piss-up.

  11. househunter: We’ve been talking about taking LondonSEO on the road, so we’d certainly be interested in any offers to organise an event outside of London later this year. Feel free to email me to discuss it further.

  12. Can’t you guys have it in London just ONE MORE TIME?… I only found out about this and would really like to meet up with some of you SEO guys πŸ™‚

  13. I can’t make the 31st May unless I come straight from Edinburgh… but I guess the wife would maon as SMX in Seattle is a couple of days later (Danny Sullivan’s new venture). What about the week before? 24th May?

  14. Defo want to come to the Pricess Louise event, but fear that it clashes with something else… what time is it on?

  15. Ben, just so you know we’ve changed the venue.

    Is now going to be at the Cittie of Yorke pub in Holborn on Tuesday 29th May 2007 from 6pm.

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