Don’t Be Northern

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

We’d like to thank Earl Grey (Syndk8) for his uber-generous donation of £100 into the beer kitty. You can buy a lot of sangria and paella for a ton, so we appreciate the gesture.

The purpose of the kitty is that you can donate whatever you want, I’ve stuck in 15 quid, and a tenner donation from you would easily ensure that we all have a good time. Here’s the page you need to go to >> Donations Page

A bunch of us went down the Cittie of Yorke yesterday for lunch and the food was top notch. Maybe a future venue for an all day get-together with a Steak and Kidney Pudding for lunch? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Northern

  1. When a Yorkshireman puts in £100 and the best you can come up with is £15 it speaks volumes.

    Suggest title of thread be changed to ‘don’t be Southern’

  2. I am watching you Mr Duke
    I know your game.
    One pound over you tight northern *****
    You could have gone for a straight 100 notes over.

  3. He’s going to be there in spirit (metaphysical, not in the Gin). Earl did say that he’d try to make one next year, I think his boat leaves in 10 minutes 😀

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