SMX London – Beers and Secret Handshakes

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I’m delighted to announce the LondonSEO networking party for SMX London 2008. The event will take place on Tuesday 4th November, the first day of the conference. Search Marketing Expo attendees and internet marketing enthusiasts are welcome to join us for a night of beer, banter, bitching and card swapping (couldn’t think of another ‘b’).

CAP EuroThere’s even better news – our saviour of free beer comes in the form of CAP Euro, a sponsor that runs conferences dedicated to new and existing affiliates of online gaming.

CAP Euro is the biggest event out there for the iGaming affiliate industry and unlike other events it mixes business and pleasure perfectly with unique offerings such as an open bar in the expo room along side a poker tournament that pays out prizes up to $20,000, through to acquiring the best speakers in the sector and running the most lavish networking events ever seen. And if that isn’t enough we do not charge affiliates or webmasters anything to attend any part of our event from the poker to the conference so the only investment you have to make is your time.

Even if you work in-house or at an agency, there’s nothing better than earning some extra income by using your SEO and PPC skills – and there’s no bigger payout than online gaming. So if you want to know how affiliates are making 6 figures a month through their poker sites, why not attend this free and fun conference?

Our glorious venue for the night will be the Freemasons Arms, a Shepherd Neame pub just minutes from the conference centre. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the special masonic handshake to get in!

As well as the usual Guinness and Lager on tap, some may enjoy experimenting with fantastic British Real Ale, such as Bishops Finger and Spitfire (my personal favourite). We’ve booked the entire pub, so plenty of space to mingle or be anti-social in a corner.

Here are all the details you’ll need in order to attend:

Tuesday 4th November 2008 from 6:30pm onwards. (no food provided :p)
Freemasons Arms, 81-82 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9NG [Google] [Streetmap].
Nearest Station:
An easy walk from both Holborn (Central and Piccadilly) and Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line)
FaceBook Group: on ArseBook

We look forward to chatting to you over a great British pint!

The Freemasons ArmsThe Freemasons Arms

37 thoughts on “SMX London – Beers and Secret Handshakes

  1. I shall be there, though maybe on cokes as it’s not long before wifes due date!

    Make sure you don’t let that slacker Norris turn up mind! πŸ™‚

  2. There’s a networking party at SMX London until 7pm, although I’ve set the start time of LondonSEO as 6:30pm so that our non-SMX regulars can get the bar warmed up beforehand. πŸ™‚

  3. Maaaaaybe. Gotta spend all my free evenings sorting out the case studies for my course before disappearing off to Pubcon!

  4. I would love to be there but, as Rob knows, I have to be up at crack of sparrow’s the next day so probably won’t be.

    Julie – I’ll send you some photos of my favourite pastels if you like…

  5. That’s a pathetic excuse, I’m either drunk or hungover at most of my presentations. If you leave at 10pm, drink 4 pints of water, then take a Berocca, you’ll feel better than ever at your session.

  6. Yeah, maybe. But it’s an internal presentation to some pretty senior bods, so I’d rather not risk that. Thanks for the amazing advice though..


  7. Awwwwww Ciaran – we’re going to miss you! I’ll just have to hassle you at the networking or the event itself or something πŸ˜€

    Good to see we’ll have more new people coming! It’s always open to new people! We’re a friendly bunch and this time I’ll have business cards – woohoo!

  8. I can’t make SMX but will be there for the aftermath.
    Who’s heading to Vegas this year – Rob, Ciaran, Jane, Judith, Kelvin, anyone!?
    Be good to have some of the London crowd for company over there.

  9. Rob, does ‘No food provided’ mean no food available?
    Other than the obvious nutritional substitutes like Guinness, Twiglets and deCabbit Chocolate supplies.

  10. @Ciaran LOL “crack of sparrow’s” reminds me of this for some odd reason.

    Alas I cannot attend, not this time. Even tho I have lots more mingling to do πŸ™
    PS: Grrr they sure mislaid that bleedin’ chunnel.

  11. Not going out to vegas and can’t make SMX proper so having to get my dose of SEO Geekiness from this little drinking session Tony

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