LondonSEO – The Recession Session, February 19th

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G’day London. It’s time for another LondonSEO event, and as the newest member of the highly organised event management team, it’s fallen upon me to tell you about the event that I couldn’t attend in 2008 due to being on the other side of the bloody world. This was how I felt about the situation, sitting in Seattle.

After much doubt, concern and letters to various MPs, there will indeed be a LondonSEO party during SES London this year. As was the case last year, the event will take place at the Camden Head in Islington. The pub is only a few minutes’ walk from SES London’s venue, the Business Design Centre.

So that’s all excellent, isn’t it? You’d not think that any bad news could come out of such a great post, but unfortunately, we have some. Due to the current state of the economy and the fact that I’ve only just showed up in London and haven’t had time to whip Rob’s organisational skills into shape, we don’t have a sponsor for the upcoming event. But that’s not going to stop a bunch of British SEOs from showing up at this pub though, is it?

Camden Head

To summarise, for those of you who didn’t bother reading my drivel, here are the important details:

Date: Thursday 19st Feb 2009

Time: 17:00 – until late

Venue: Camden Head, Islington

Nearest station: Angel

State your intent to join us by signing up for the Facebook event, or else we might not let you in 😉 See you there!

15 thoughts on “LondonSEO – The Recession Session, February 19th

  1. I’m aiming to be there on the Thursday for the day and the event in the evening. Pissed I missed the deadline for the earlybird registration for SES London, so there goes my beer money for the pub! 😉

  2. Will try my best to get past the great north-south divide and get down there. Should be ok getting through Birmingham – I’ve been practising on Left 4 Dead hehe. Hope you’ve got more than fancy lager down there… Pint ‘o bitter please. Thanks for organising it guys.

  3. There’s still two weeks left for some kind hearted soul to drop some cash. All is not lost.

  4. Hi guys, coming from Paris for the SES London,
    thanks for organising this party, i will be there on thurs, no probs having to pay for the beers, with the pound being low, it shouldnt feel too expensive. A pint of beer is now 7-8 bloody Euros in any British Pub in Paris, so it can get worse than that, can it?
    see ya

  5. Same for me stuartpturner, but I have a dinner date with another client at Gaucho’s – can’t miss that! Guess I’ll try to get there late since I’m just across the way at the Hilton. If Judith’s going to be there so am I!

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