Thanks For Joining Us At Mable’s

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

We would like to thank everyone who attended LondonSEO on Wednesday for another fun and slightly tipsy LondonSEO meet-up. The odds were stacked against us once more, with a sponsor bailing on us and power cuts, although everyone rallied together in true British style.

Dixon from the Internet Marketing company Receptional and James Avery from Flight Mapping paid for many of the drinks, so please remember them when blogging about the event 😉

I was too busy trying to recover from the Tequila and Sambuca shots that Ekky, Lisa and I were drinking – so I only managed to take one photo of Dixon in a black hat…

Dixon the Black Hat
No caption needed really 😀

Congrats to Jen and Dave for their very successful SEO conference, and hopefully I’ll have some details up soon for the next LondonSEO meet-up scheduled for sometime in May.

2 thoughts on “Thanks For Joining Us At Mable’s

  1. Lisa was kind enough to drop me an invite via SEOmoz, but due to a sudden pile of work arriving on the desk at a very unsociable hour, I wasn’t able to make it.

    Fingers crossed that I don’t get done again when the next night rolls around…

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