LisaD Highjacks…again. Next party; Thursday 19th June!

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Right, so while Rob is partying away at SMX in Seattle I thought, HA!, I’m going to take over LondonSEO and organise a party. Ok it’s not really that dramatic, we talked about it (ehm yeah we are not married) before he left to SMX and he has left the organising in my safe hands. Mowhahahah!

Our very kind sponsor for this party is Media Contacts, a London based Media Recruitment agency, who place a lot of people in SEO and PPC. I have used Media Contacts myself on several occasions for recruiting and I highly recommend them (John Fraser is probably one of the world’s last genuinely nice recruiters, that doesn’t only think about his commission. And as MediaContacts has snapped up John they must stand for the same principles)

Media Contacts

Date: Thursday 19th June (2008 that is!)

Venue: The Ship Tavern in Holburn. Literally just behind Holburn station (take a left and left again, or at least that’s what the geezer from the pub said!)

Time: 6pm until late (basically until we get kicked out at closing or alternatively get kicked out for evilgreenmonkey being rowdy)

Who can attend:
Anyone involved in SEO, SEM, whether black hat or white hat. Heck we even let affiliates in (sorry very nice affiliate people)

Please join the LondonSEO Facebook group (this time I have actually opened a group and added an event instead of opening a new group for each event, doh! And I do SMO????)

PS: 4 of the SEO-Chicks will be there, whoop whoop! The fabulous Julie Joyce (the funniest freakin blogger ever), the chocolate crazy Judith “deCabbit” Lewis, the wayyy too pretty Rebecca Scott and of course the very down to earth and professional LisaD (ehm).

PS PS: Ha ha, evilgreendonkey (yep that’s right, I’m still trying to Googlebomb his ass for this) is going to be less happy about me spamming LondonSEO with SEO-Chicks stuff. Oh well, he’s in Seattle, can’t get me from there donkey!!

Hope to see you all on the 19th, let’s make it a fantastic Summer LondonSEO party!

44 thoughts on “LisaD Highjacks…again. Next party; Thursday 19th June!

  1. Yay! A party I am in the country for! And one where Julie will be too! At long bloody last.
    See you guys there!

  2. So you can do googlebombing but not include the link to the facebook group (which i still cant find although theres the previous events groups there) wheres the group?!
    Either way i’ll be there…

  3. @Judith: Date changed, silly Cookie.
    @Rob: Lisa is slow and lazy, give her time :p
    @Ciaran: Don’t worry princess, it’s not a Sam Smiths and they do serve those Watermelon Bacardi Breezers that you adore so much.
    @Wit: People with hotel rooms tend to go on all night, but I personally have to travel back to mighty Essex.
    @Rishil: Judith doesn’t like chocolate, she’ll be insulted if you bought her any.
    @Julie: Please sedate yourself before attending.

  4. Sorry everyone, getting the Facebook group up now. You see, this post wasn’t meant to be posted just yet….but Donkey got a bit carried away and posted it for me at the weekend. Damn you Rob! Lazy huh? Just wait until I get hold of you!!!

  5. Ok, facebook group is up and working. Follow the link or search for “” in Facebook groups. From now on we will add events to this group instead of pissing about with different groups for each party. Looking forward to the 19th, wohoo!!

  6. Liza = Ciaran, for everyone that is confused thinking Julie is on crack

    And yes that’s a good point Julie, I did see Ciaran at SES London this year but he might have just flown in for the conference. He “apparently” lives just around the corner from me as well but i NEVER see him.

  7. @sem4u – I think we could organise another SEF meal out, for earlier in the day if you’re up for that. I’ll announce it over at the usual spot.

    @Julie Joyce – I almost missed you at the Cittie of Yorke in March. You were so quiet and demure. Shocked I was. Shocked. 🙂

  8. @sem4u – I think we should organise another SEF meal out, for earlier in the day if you’re up for that. I’ve announced it over at the usual spot.

    @Julie Joyce – I almost missed you at the Cittie of Yorke in April. You were so quiet and demure. Shocked I was. Shocked. 🙂

  9. Ok EGM, there had better be people there after 11pm or else… erm… well… it’ll be just me, the Ripper and some vampires 😉

  10. @Wit, don’t worry, donkey might be going home early as he’s only a nipper snapper and needs his beauty sleep. But usually its quite a few hanging on to the end =) Last time we went out for a curry afterwards at midnight 🙂

  11. Hey, what the hell’s happening here? First we dumped the organising of LSEO onto Rob coz we were too lazy. And now he’s gone and passed the buck on to Lisa.

    What, is it not cool to organise these things any more? Rob am disappointed/proud of you. Maybe me, Jay and Ek should take it back over again. Or maybe not as would require too much effort. 🙂

  12. Just found out about this! Great opportunity to have some drinks with other SEO’s, it can’t get better than that! 🙂
    Looking forward to it.

  13. @Simon: I usually wear a shirt and tie, as you get some really classy SEOs at these events 😉 Seriously – as long as the pub doesn’t throw you out, wear whatever you like. 🙂

  14. ~Evilgreendonkey: lol donkey you should wear a shirt and tie, donkey in a suit :p

    @Simon: great, and don’t be shy. Make sure you introduce yourself!

    @Gustavo: Yep, drinks and SEO = sweet!

  15. @LisaDit – I think that’s always my problem at conferences… will have a sweet sherry before hand and get my networking hat on.

    @evilgreenmonkey – I thought you might mention fancy dress and have me turn up in character…. ;), thanks for heads up. Relaxed it is.

    Looking forward to it.

  16. @Kun Dang – I work in-house. There is usually a mix of in-house people, independent SEOs, SEOs in agencies, a few PPC people and affiliates.

  17. Sounds like quite a busy gathering. I’ll be there around 9pm… Hope everyone is still sober to and lucid enough to come and introduce themselves! I’ll be the quiet one keeping to myself in the corner.

    @Wit – So what’s the deal with the crazy dress code?

  18. Enjoyed SEO Wars but couldnt really hear it – When is it being uploaded to the Tube? :o)

    Thanks for a good night, we’re gonna try and bring the rest of the team and be more regular attendees!

  19. I don’t think my clothes were THAT funny, although I never got any of the Chicks to trade shirts with me 😉

    Was great to finally meet some southerners too. You guys are sóóó nice and clean hehehe.

  20. Great night as always, and great to meet up with Rishi, Shimrit, Simon, Scott (sem4u), Dixon, Kelvin and the rest of the Brighton Lot, Wit, and many others.

    It sure was a busy night. Thanks to the Decabbit for the chocs, and Media Consultants for the drinks, too!

  21. I ive in Rugby Warwickshire…Your party sound fab can you tell me who runs the Next parties pleae…Jo

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