Roll up, Roll up – We’re Back At The Cittie of Yorke

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

I’ve been on the road quite a bit recently with business trips and conferences all over the place. I know that we’re due another LondonSEO though, and a new gap has opened up in my diary that coincides with fellow LondonSEO organiser, Jay “Str0ud” Young, Ruby-mad Tony “notsleepy” Spencer and Julie “SEO-Chick” Joyce, being over in the UK.

As everyone seemed to enjoy the Cittie of Yorke last year, we’re planning to hold an event in their basement dungeon once again. The date for your diaries is Thursday 10th April, starting from 6pm until late.

Propel RecruitmentWe’re happy to welcome back Propel Recruitment as our sponsor, who some of you may remember from our September 2006 event which they also sponsored. They’ve put a big chunk of cash behind the bar for us to super-size our beer bellies with. If you’re thinking of a change in career or in need of some new minions, Propel is the best in London for online marketing recruitment. So that I don’t get beaten up, thanks to Lisa for finding the sponsor.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 10th April 2008 from 6pm onwards.
Venue: Cittie of Yorke, 22 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6BN [Google Maps] [Streetmap].
Nearest Station: Chancery Lane (Central Line).

FaceBook Group: LondonSEO – April 2008

Cittie of Yorke LocationCittie of Yorke Outside
(images courtesy of Streetmap and Beer In The Evening)

40 thoughts on “Roll up, Roll up – We’re Back At The Cittie of Yorke

  1. HUH! I didn’t only find the sponsor donkey, I’m helping organising it, just wait until I get hold of you!!! =)

    I’m also opening a Facebook group that you can all join =) and snoop around to see who else is coming!! I’ll do that now and get donkey to update the post…

    I’m so excited that my fellow SEO Chick Julie will be there as well, woha!! Be afraid…be very afraid, and don’t get fooled by her sweet innocent “look” =)

  2. Rob chose this date on purpose as I can’t make it – need to stop taking the piss that his mail server is crap.

    But to everyone else, hope you all have a good night and plenty of beers for me.

  3. Hmmm London City Airport, tube ride, sleeping under a bridge maybe…. Tempted. Any heated bridges nearby?

  4. Hmm. I have to be in London the very next day. Shouldn’t be a stretch to go up the day before.

  5. Judith: for god’s sake, can’t you skip one pole dancing lesson? I’d love to see you! At the pub. Not pole dancing. Not until I’ve had more to drink, at least.

  6. *** (images courtesy of Streetmap and Beer In The Evening) ***

    Hmm. The “Beer In The Evening” link (under the map) points to a typo-squatter: There’s an “n” missing from “evening” in the URL.

  7. I’m just going to see if I can. We’re learning a routine and I think that night is how to jump on, flip upside down and slowly slide without braining yourself on the floor.


    I don’t think I want to see me pole dancing no matter how much I’ve had to drink!!

  8. I thought I might wander along to see whats going on.

    Hopefully I might see someone I know – otherwise I’ll be the guy in the corner buying his own beer



  9. @ Spaggie: No way, you won’t be allowed to buy your own beer!! That’s why we have sponsors 😉 And don’t be shy, come and talk to the SEO-Chicks. It will be three of us there tonight (myself, Judith and Julie), I’ll be the normal one =) ehm…ok maybe not.

  10. YaY!

    Thanks to everyone who came and said ‘Hi!’

    Sorry to those I missed cos I was bevied up on free Beer.

    Great Evening

  11. Great evening – good to meet up with a lot of old friends and meet some new faces.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I got to meet sem4u or g1smd as I’d love to put a face to the nicks, hopefully next time.

  12. Great evening. Was that the best one yet? Very likely, methinks.

    Certainly the most attendees for one NOT held at the same time as a conference… and maybe even beat one or two of those too.

  13. When Ian Turner shows up, it’s a success.

    And Ian, notice how nice I was about not getting in your face and yelling about punk rock this time…I was on my best behaviour. It was great to see everyone!

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