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CAP Euro Amsterdam

We thought that it would be nigh-on-impossible to find a sponsor for the first big LondonSEO event of 2009, mid-recession, although we were approached today by our friends over at CAP Euro (who sponsored LondonSEO beers for SMX London last year). They have kindly offered to once again supply us with a generous beer fund for our SEO, Affiliate and PPC brethren.

Casino Affiliate Programs Europe (CAP Euro for short) is a company that organises conferences for those involved in internet marketing for the online gaming industry. While other sectors have struggled during the current economic climate, online gaming is as strong as ever and affiliate commissions continue to be prosperous.

From Thursday 30th April to Sunday 3rd May 2009, CAP Euro will be in Amsterdam for an event like no-other. The even-greater thing for you guys is that affiliate marketers and people interested in becoming an affiliate (weekend project, part-time or full-time), can attend both the conference and parties absolutely free! All you’ll need is a cheap EasyJet flight and a bargain hotel room (of which there are many), and you can access the knowledge-base that other conferences charge up to £1,000 for.

You want more? Well our friends at CAP Euro will also be giving away a free stay at the official CAP Euro conference hotel to one lucky winner, during LondonSEO. Everyone that gets a wristband for free beer at Thursday’s event, will also get entered into the draw. Remember to bring business cards with you to LondonSEO, as you’ll need one in order to get a wristband and the liquid love that comes with it.

LondonSEO sponsors donate a lot to our attendees, so that we can network and have a good time. Please show your gratitude by helping our sponsors in return.

SES London Speakers – Please mention Thursday’s LondonSEO event (and sponsor) during your presentations, as apparently not everyone knows about yet 🙂
SES London & LondonSEO Attendees – Please seriously consider attending CAP Euro in Amsterdam, it is truly a fantastic event (with amazing parties). And let’s face it, a £50 flight to Amsterdam and £200 hotel room is a lot cheaper than attending even the major London conferences.

Lastly, I’m currently in talks with CAP Euro and Matthew Wood from a4u Expo, in an effort to launch our first LondonSEO Abroad. Affiliates4u has a conference in Amsterdam just before CAP Euro, and we will most likely organise a joint party on the day in-between the 2 conferences. More info to come about that, but just another reason why you should join us all at CAP Euro in Amsterdam 🙂

2 thoughts on “CAP Euro Sponsors SES London Party

  1. Brilliant news! Always wonderful when a sponsor is found. THANK YOU CAP!

    A4U Expo has a very strong search line up with some of the best names in search who will be there – worth going for the search alone and there are some SMASHING affiliate sessions. Not to be missed.

  2. Wicked, looking forward to it… I was going to the CAP conference anyway, and didn’t realise that this was going on too – What a bonus!

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