You Can Almost Smell The Alpine

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Cittie of YorkeJust a last minute reminder that the next LondonSEO is this Tuesday (29th May) at The Cittie of Yorke and will start from 6pm onwards.

Getting there from Chancery Lane (Central Line) is extremely easy – simply take the left exit out of the station so that Thorntons is on your right as you get to the top of the stairs. Then just keep walking for a minute and the pub will be on your right. The pub has 2 large oak door entrances – take the first entrance (on the right) and then take the second door on the left down to the basement bar. We’ll try to put some signs up, although it’s quite easy to find once you’re there.

As it’s a Sam Smiths pub, all drinks will be own-brand. I’d recommend Alpine for lager drinkers and Old Brewery for bitter lovers. Apparently the stout and cider are rather good there as well. If you must, they also sell white wine or a fruit based drink for the ladies 😉

Free drinks will be available by showing the bar staff a special LondonSEO card which you can obtain from Mike, Ekky or myself (just ask someone to point us out if you’re new). There’s a £400 minimum spend to hire the bar and a pint costs as little as £1.50, so feel free to drink as much as you want (unless you’re a violent drunk or puke after 3 pints).

We’re still accepting donations (haven’t hit £400 yet), so please visit the Donations Page – even if you can only give a fiver or a tenner towards your drinks.

And in case you don’t get my humour by now:
1. I’ve never met Brett, but he’s a friend of some friends and that makes him alright in my book.
2. I’ve got nothing against Northerners, I even let my sister marry one.
3. I didn’t make the white wine rule, that’s down to the Guv.

See you all on Tuesday,

Your friendly neighbourhood evilgreenmonkey.

9 thoughts on “You Can Almost Smell The Alpine

  1. Was an interesting night. Evilgreenmonkey – you were a wee bit drunk lol. I fucking hate driving in london though.

  2. I resent that comment, I was a sober as a priest 😉

    Good to meet you and sorry if I was all over the shop – it was thanks to Jon Roy’s suggestion of Coconut Rum shots!

    Great to see lots of new faces there as well, hopefully we’ll see you all at the next event. 🙂

  3. Ha ha you were not drunk. You did try to lift me up again lol You are so funny when you are drunk lol

    It was a great night, really good venue as well, it’s nice to have everyone in one room so you know they are all with the SEO crowd. Well organised LondonSEO dudes…


  4. My head still hurts – I had a great night! Thanks to the organisers – even those that can’t handle their rum!

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