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Thanks For Joining Us At Mable’s

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We would like to thank everyone who attended LondonSEO on Wednesday for another fun and slightly tipsy LondonSEO meet-up. The odds were stacked against us once more, with a sponsor bailing on us and power cuts, although everyone rallied together in true British style.

Dixon from the Internet Marketing company Receptional and James Avery from Flight Mapping paid for many of the drinks, so please remember them when blogging about the event 😉

I was too busy trying to recover from the Tequila and Sambuca shots that Ekky, Lisa and I were drinking – so I only managed to take one photo of Dixon in a black hat…

Dixon the Black Hat
No caption needed really 😀

Congrats to Jen and Dave for their very successful SEO conference, and hopefully I’ll have some details up soon for the next LondonSEO meet-up scheduled for sometime in May.

I’m Afraid It’s PPB This Time

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Due to the previously arranged sponsor pulling out on us at the last minute and our back-ups not being able to clear marketing budgets at such short notice, this Wednesday’s LondonSEO will unfortunately be PPB (Pay Per Beer). It’s never happened in the 18 months we’ve been running, and it’s a sad day for alcoholic/student SEMs everywhere!

We’re still going ahead with the planned meet-up, we’ll all just have to spend some our hard earned AdSense and CJ cheques. Someone may still jump in and save the day at the last minute, so stop being such a cheapskate and join us tomorrow at Mable’s Tavern (directions given in the post below). People with expense accounts are especially welcome 😉

LondonSEO Meet-Up for SEO Days – Venue Announced

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After an extensive and gruelling pub crawl in the Euston area (the things Ekky and I do for you people!), we’ve decided to hold the meet-up for Wednesday 21st March in Mable’s Tavern. We liked the space available, proximity to the conference venue and the great selection of beer. As a Shepherd Neame pub, there are true classics such as Spitfire and Bishops Finger on tap – you’ll also find the usual Guinness, Lager, Cider and Softy Drinks.

Location, Location, Location
Mable's Tavern Mable's Tavern Location

Address: 9 Mabeldon Place, Euston, London, WC1H 9AZ.

Tube Stations: Euston (Northern, Victoria, National Rail), Euston Square (Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City) and Kings Cross (everything, but a 5-10 minute walk).

From Hilton Hotel Euston: Turn right out of the Hilton along Upper Woburn Place and take the first left (a pedestrian footpath) down Woburn Walk. At the junction carry straight on down Flaxman Tur and you will see Mable’s Tavern at the end of the road on your right. [Google Map].

From Euston Station: Exit the front of the station and turn left until you hit Eversholt Street (runs alongside the station). Turn right and walk up to the busy junction of Euston Road. Cross the road at the lights (be careful, we almost got run over) and turn left so that you’re walking alongside Euston Road. The second turning on your right should be Mabledon Place – as you walk down this street Mable’s Tavern will be straight ahead of you. [Google Map].

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Emergency LondonSEO Piss-up Announced

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Clear your diaries, re-arrange your client meetings and tell your family that you may be gone for quite some time – I’m calling into action an emergency LondonSEO meet-up. The occasion? Jen and Dave are holding their first 2 day SEM bootcamp, so we’d like to be there to support them. After a quick chat with Jen, we’re planning to hold the celebratory pint-chugging shindig on Wednesday 21st March (the last day of their event).

I was thinking that we’d kick off the party at 6ish for non-SDs and the SDs can join us as soon as they finish their final session.

The venue is still to be confirmed, although will be in the Euston/Kings Cross area. All SEMs are welcome as long as they don’t wear a Dave Pasternack T-Shirt or act like a wanker.

Help Wanted:
If you know of anyone who’d be interested in sponsoring the LondonSEO bar tab, please let us know. It usually works out as £15 a head, which is extremely cheap for any company looking to make contacts in the industry (Recruiters, SEM Agencies, Affiliate Networks etc). I wonder if we can get every online poker site to sponsor a LondonSEO event? 😀

Official SEO Days Photograph ;):
Jen Slegg and Dave Naylor