PubCon Vegas 2011 – The Offer Code of Legends (That’s You!)

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Google has stated that beer, gambling and strippers are all part of their secret ranking algorithm, but don’t risk missing out on the other factors by forgetting to book your tickets to PubCon Vegas this year! The *not just search* conference is an essential part of the industry calendar and not to be missed, even if you’ve just had a baby like Joe Stepniewski and Mel Carson (babies also like Vegas).

LondonSEO, as your favourite money saving website, has bribed, blackmailed and kidnapped – until the PubCon organisers agreed to offer our Loyal London Legends of Links an exclusive PubCon Offer Code! Up until 15th October, you can get 20% off conference passes, but don’t delay – register today! (yes, my rhyming skills are worse than [insert rapper]).

Remember – this is an awesome conference and an awesome location. Don’t ponder over the cost, you can repaint the spare bedroom next year!

PubCon Offer Code: ls-5879420 [Register Here]

Feel free to buy Mike, Carl, Jane or I a pint for saving you $$$ 😉 We look forward to seeing a big turn-out of LondonSEO regulars and catching up with our foreign brethren once again!

PS. I couldn’t find any family-friendly photos of LondonSEO peeps at PubCon Vegas 2010 on my iMac, so you have a picture of Rand in the shower instead. Photo credit: Barry (what were you doing in the shower with Rand, Barry?)

3 thoughts on “PubCon Vegas 2011 – The Offer Code of Legends (That’s You!)

  1. Many Thanks for the discount code peeps. Saved me 170$..
    I’ll be sure to buy u some beers if not 17 based on vegas 10$ cocktails 🙂
    Chaps, I will send you an email but If anybody wants to meet up for a few Beers and some industry catch up please feel free to get in touch..

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