PubCon London Is Back! Got Your Pass Yet?

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Some of you old-timers will remember the first PubCon events in London, back when Matt Cutts was still making coffee and porno filters for our friends Larry & Sergey. Others will be wondering why there’s a webmaster conference in Las Vegas called “Pub Con”, when clearly the Brits are the only people with drinking establishments fine enough to be called Pubs 😉

Well, I’m happy to announce that PubCon will once again be gracing our sacred shores. So change out of your usual dressing gown work-attire and drop the kids off at the one babysitter that doesn’t look like a kiddy-fiddler, as you’re going out drinking on Saturday 4th July (next month). The one-day London networking event is similar to LondonSEO (including free beer), so you’ll be in your element.

Along with our usual crowd, PubCon will have many new faces from other corners of the interweb. Lots of networking to do, with a pint in each hand.

Saving the pennies? No problem, as your favourite people in the whole wide world (that’s us, if you’re wondering) have got a special 30% discount code just for you (well, for every other LondonSEO attendee as well – you’re not that special):

Discount: 30% off
Code: ls-22430

With the non-LondonSEO rate being only $75 (around 50 freedom-pounds) to begin with, our friends at WebmasterWorld are basically paying you to drink (almost). Don’t you love the recession?!! 😀

Here are the full details:

Registration URL:
Coupon Code: ls-22430
Date: Saturday 4th July 2009 from 1pm onwards.
Venue: Cittie of Yorke, 22 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6BN
[Google Maps] [Streetmap].
Nearest Station: Chancery Lane (Central Line).

Hopefully we’ll see you all there!

Cittie of Yorke LocationCittie of Yorke Outside
(images courtesy of Streetmap and Beer In The Evening)

7 thoughts on “PubCon London Is Back! Got Your Pass Yet?

  1. I am all signed up and looking forward to it. Who else is going from LondonSEO, Webmasterworld or elsewhere?

  2. I’ve just setup an online company and will be doing my own SEO (due to the recession obviously)… I’ve been told that LondonSEO dudes and dudettes are the ones to get chummy with, as soon as I read you were all meeting in the pub I thought ‘perfect!’ – buying you a drink would be a good starting point – but drinks are free so that has left my lame idea worthless

    I know I am going to be in over my head yet I still want to be there on Saturday, if you have any ideas of how I can get a few of your expert helpful hints I would love to hear how =D

    I am finding this whole aspect a bit daunting and if you guys are the Masters of the Universe than I guess I am a space monkey

    Hopefully speak to you next Saturday


  3. I am also a little anxious, I have never been to a gathering before and this time hope to meet some real gurus and share SEO thoughts ! yay!

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