LondonSEO Posh Poseurs Party

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Yo my homies, it’s your bro EGM here from the mean streets of Rochford – brup brup (and all that jazz).

The Ayima crew are feeling rather musical lately, with MikeN in his boy band and yours truly doing a homage to James Blunt. We then heard that Ciaran “I like shoes more than I really should” Norris was looking to start an SEO Disco, for deck spinning SEOs and music fans alike. So, for one night only, SMX London‘s big LondonSEO party will have a musical accompaniment.

Jewel Covent Garden - Blanca Bar
Jewel Covent Garden - Blanca Bar

The party will take place at Covent Garden’s Jewel Bar on Monday 18th May 2009 (after Day 1 of Search Marketing Expo). We have booked out the whole of the Blanca Bar, with loads of space and its own dedicated bar. As the venue is a little posher than our usual old man pubs, we’d recommend wearing smart casual attire (a casual shirt and jeans, or a smart t-shirt is fine). The party will start at 7pm (giving time to get dinner first or attend SMX London’s networking party) and we can “network” until midnight.

LondonSEO attendees have been given an exclusive discount on SMX London conference passes. Get 15% off (worth Β£133.50) by using the discount code LONSEO09.

We do not have a sponsor yet, please let us know if you’d like to sponsor some drinks and get your name up on our site (you can also put out promo material on the night).

If you consider yourself to be a good DJ and would like to play a set, please ping Ciaran on twitter. We’re not looking for people to press play on their iPod, you’ll need to know how to Sphinn spin and mix old-school vinyl. No trance or weird shit please, some of us are old.

The networking party is open to all SMX London attendees and those involved in internet marketing. Gate crashers will get spammed, banned and slammed.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know you’re coming – especially if you’re new.

The key details:
Date: Monday 18th May 2009
Time: 7pm until late
Location: Jewel Bar 29-30 Maiden Lane, London, WC2E 7JS
(we’re in the “Blanca Bar” room)
Maps: [Google Maps] [Micro$oft Maps]
Nearest Station: Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Charring Cross are an easy walk away.

37 thoughts on “LondonSEO Posh Poseurs Party

  1. Cool – look forward to it! Although i might only be attending day 2 of SMX – how come you chose to have the party after day 1? Hungover on day2…. or is there an informal party after day2?

  2. Party on Day 1 due to a lot of people leaving town after the conference ends on Day 2. We ran into this problem with SES. It worked out quite well at SMX London last year, even though some of us ex-Statesiders were also drinking to celebrate a certain Presidential election πŸ˜‰

  3. Fab! Oooooooo loks like a posh venue as well, donkey have you been bullied into upgrading from your dirty old man pubs? ;p

    AND we get music, this sounds awesome, you’re not DJing are you donkey? I’ve seen your music collection, it’s not good ;p

    Count me in, Jane shall we wear our tutus, it could be our new “uniform”.

  4. @robbothan Many international speakers fly back on the last conference day or have early flights, which has previously prevented them from being able to attend. If you’re unable to handle a Day 2 conference hangover, you need to man up a bit and learn from the conference pros πŸ˜‰

    @Chewie With my mind on my money and my money on my mind, the evil green monkey spitting some rhymes. Holding out for the SEO beat, with the ladies and the links just falling at my feet…

    …or maybe not.

  5. @cookie My vinyl would consist of Neil Diamond and Bach, so maybe not. MikeN wants me to MC though πŸ˜‰

    @Mark 80’s vinyl would be cool, although I’ll let MikeN and Ciaran be the deciders of taste.

  6. *** No trance or weird shit please, some of us are old. ***

    Pfffft. Damn. Old is no excuse.

    Lisa says: *** I’ve seen your music collection (donkey), it’s not good ;p ***

    That explains it all. πŸ™‚

    Jane says: *** I might be there. ***

    If you’re not, we’ll all come round yours and bang on your door until you relent…

  7. Looking like a good event Rob….very posh! Might miss the old boozer background of the years gone past mind πŸ˜‰

    Not sure what is more shocking the Neil Diamond collection or the rapping @Dean, seeing you in a whole new light mate! πŸ™‚

    See you all there!

  8. Damn, finally been Punked! by the Kerry posting that YouTube clip :-s

    Anyway, I believe that Rob should be the compΓ¨re for the evening. All in favour say “Aye”.

  9. Looking forward to this guys. I thought that I had saved names of a few people who wanted to play records at SEO Disco but, with typical brilliance, I seem to have lost it.

    Anyone looking to play a few tunes, please drop me a line – ciarannorris at gmail dot com or Nothing too hectic I don’t think, but let me know what you fancy playing and we’ll see what we can do.

  10. I’ll dip my toe in – newbie to SMX and LondonSEO so please say hello when I’m standing on my own in a corner sobbing into my drink!


    1. I’ll be crying into my beer on the other side of the room I guess anyway, its my first SMX, and Im going by myself so I know a big fat nobody so far…

      anyone else in the same boat ping me a comment on twitter: – see you at the bar!


  11. Both myself and Allan Stewart will be there this time, thanks for organising Rob.

    Should be a great laugh, personally I’m waiting to see exactly *when* the rozzers turn up!

  12. FireflySEO will be there. Can you add us to the list please.

    Allan Stewart
    Gavin Stewart
    David Fairhurst

    No 80’s disco please.



  13. I’m going to be there in spirit only I’m afraid – new starters coming in on Tuesday, damn them… Hope you al have an absolutely spiffing time though and the ‘networking’ doesn’t get too out of hand.


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