Next Pubcon Announced

by Mike - Posted on

Finally we have decided on a date – Thursday 9th February.

There’s not really so much in the way of a plan, apart from getting yourself down to The Legion in Old Street, London for about 7ish.

Then partake in the age-old SEO Pubcon tradition of drinking and chatting.

Everyone from the first meet is coming plus hopefully a few more

See you there…..

5 thoughts on “Next Pubcon Announced

  1. Hi Bobo,

    Thanks for pointing that out, but our domain name doesn’t contain the mark, so I can’t see how we could be infringing Tabke.

    Sureley you’re not suggesting that we can’t use the word pubcon in the text on our site? Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to write Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc etc.

    Anyway – come along to our next meet and lets discuss it over a pint 🙂


  2. “Pubcon” in text a copyright infringement? Sounds like a stretch at best. Probably expensive to litigate it as well. I like Mike’s idea about discussing it over a “pint”. It would be the way we would do it in Chicago as well!

    – Rob

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