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As you may be aware our last London SEO bash was held at The Legion but unfortunately we when contacted them they informed us that it was already booked for a private party. The next choice was Jaguar Shoes, again we came up against an obstacle of a gig taking place the same evening.

Finally a couple of the guys literally stumbled apon this gem where this London SEO meet will now happened, The Assembly.

Conveniently located next to Tower Hill Station.

Here are the details:

The Assembly
14-15 Seething Lane

Tel. 08713326728

TFL website is always useful when you’re in in the big smoke.

Starts at 19:00 and closes at 23:00 but I’m sure there will be a few heathens who will be ready to search out a late drink.

Look forward to seeing you there!

5 thoughts on “London SEO Update

  1. This was to be the event of the week for me told all my friends will i guess you guys went to the other place

  2. Hi Paulo,

    Am really sorry you missed it due to the last minute change of venue.

    The next one will probably be mid-March and we’ll try to communicate better to people next time.


  3. Hi James

    Just a quick clarification that this one is at the Legion in Shoreditch this coming Friday (24/03/06) rather than the Assembly like the last one.

    Any questions please let me know otherwise I look forward to meeting you on Friday.



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