What is LondonSEO you ask?

LondonSEO is a quarterly networking meet-up for internet marketing professionals of all sorts (not just SEOs!) to have fun, drink far too much and make new friends in the industry. The meet-ups started in 2005 (yes that long ago) and are still going strong.

Don’t be shy, come along to the next one!

SMX London & LondonSEO – 16 May

by Jane Copland - Posted on

Hi everyone,

It’s now been nearly a year since we had a proper LondonSEO event, and for that we’re very sorry! We’ve arranged a meet-up after the conclusion of SMX London in two weeks’ time at the Pelican in Fulham (Facebook page). Ayima will be sponsoring the drinks, so please arrive with your livers in full working order.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 14.45.47

The Pelican is a very short walk from SMX’s venue, the Chelsea Football Club. As per usual, LondonSEO is open to everyone in the SEO industry, whether you’ve attended the conference or not. Just bring a business card (preferably yours, but bonus points for bringing one of Rob Kerry’s) and grab a pint.

We’ll be at the pub from 6pm onwards. If you’re coming from elsewhere, the closest tube stations are Fulham Broadway (District Line) and Imperial Wharf (London Overground).

See you there!

LondonSEO – The AGM

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

You know that this is an important LondonSEO, when I tone down the post and delete my IRA jokes. For this is not just any LondonSEO, this is a sumptuous creamy chocolate LondonSEO Annual General Meeting – sprinkled with craft beer and unicorns.

There are no sponsors, there are no conference goers, this shows us what you’re really made of!

Do you only go to LondonSEO with a clammy selection of leaflets from depressingly average SEO apps in one hand, a goodie bag of pens made by child slave workers promoting a search engine that nobody has heard of in the other? Or are you the honourable LondonSEO attendee, that comes to chat to fellow industry brethren, sharing in the comforting dwellings of London’s pubstitutions? Put down your ill-conceived PowerPoint presentation on the future of SEO, we’re only interested in beer and conversation.

All of Ayima’s SEO Consultants are planning to attend this event, with Tony, Brandon, Dave, Dean and Mark flying in especially. Our friends Jay and Julie will also be there, in an attempt to break the record for the most North Carolinians abroad at any one time.

Craft Beer Co - ClerkenwellWhere better to hold such an international gathering, than at a Craft Beer Co pub with over 200 beers from around the world?! Don’t worry my fruity warriors, alcoholic grape juice, apple juice and Panda Pop is also available.

We’d love to see other agencies making an effort to bring along their SEOs as well, so please do spread the word, encourage your co-workers and make this a special event.

  • Date/Time: Tuesday 14th August 2012, 6ish until late
  • Venue: Craft Beer Co
  • Address: 82 Leather Lane, Clerkenwell, London, EC1N 7TR
  • Nearest Tube Station: Farringdon (H&C, Circle and Metropolitan Lines) and Chancery Lane (Central Line)
  • Maps: [Google Map] [Bing Map]
  • Cost: Free + Buy Your Own (no invite needed)

LondonSEO has booked out the upstairs of the Craft Beer Co pub, so come up the stairs to the left of the bar. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Bloody Chelsea. Oh, and LondonSEO

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

The last time I visited Chelsea’s stadium at Stamford Bridge, I got heckled for cheering a Spurs goal; was given a drinks order after dressing like a waiter; and witnessed Johnny Vaughan trying to blag free Tottenham Hotspur merchandise for his nephew, at the urinal. But that’s just me.

Anyway, did you know that Search Marketing Expo is being held at Stamford Bridge this year? Kind of a weird place to have it, but I’m sure that the conference facilities will be absolutely top-notch, even if you do hate Chelsea FC!

Haven’t got your ticket to SMX London yet? Don’t worry, there’s still time! Can’t afford a ticket? Don’t you worry either, you’re still welcome to attend our LondonSEO event as always! In fact LondonSEO has been welcoming SEOs to free parties with free beer for over 7 years now!

Janaya WilkinsI’m sure that most of you keep a browser tab permanently open on my Twitter stream and are thinking, isn’t Rob working out of Ayima’s New York office this month?! Well luckily Ayima’s latest SEO Apprentice recruit, Janaya Wilkins, has stepped up to the plate and helped me out with the venue hunt. Janaya joined Ayima back in November as a part-time Reporting Analyst, and has now joined full-time after completing her Masters degree in Marketing, specialising in Internet Marketing.

Like all Kiwis, Janaya spends most of her spare time creating balloon animals and watching bootleg VHS tapes of “One Man and his Dog”.

Now before I tell you the venue, I’d like to point out that we have yet to find a sponsor. This is mostly my fault as I always forget to call back the people who offer to do it. So, if you haven’t tuned out by now or scrolled down to the venue details – PLEASE CAN YOU SPONSOR THIS PARTY! You’ll get everyone’s business card in return, plus SEOs, Affiliates and In-House people will remember you as the cool company that bought them beer 🙂

  • Date/Time: Wednesday 16th May 2012, 6ish until late
  • Venue: The Butcher’s Hook
  • Address: 477 Fulham Road London SW6 1HL
  • Nearest Tube Station: Fulham Broadway (District), or walk from Earls Court (Piccadilly)
  • Directions From Conference: [Google Map] [Bing Map]
  • Cost: Free (no invite needed, just bring along your business card)

Remember to put aside a business card for us, otherwise you won’t get free beer!



SES London Networking @ Westminster Arms

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Westminster Arms PubFeeling like the Directors of an R rated movie, SES London has come a lot sooner than we expected. Luckily the beer gods have been good to us, with our 1st choice pub coming up trumps! So, without further ado…

Looking for the beers during Search Engine Strategies in London this year? LondonSEO is happy to announce that the SES London 2012 networking party will be held on Thursday 23rd February from 6pm in the Westminster Arms.

If you’re attending the conference, we’ve chosen a pub right next to the venue (the QE2 Conference Centre this year). If you’re not attending SES London, you’re still welcome – everyone interested in SEO is welcome at our events!

Oh Rob, it’s too cold to be drinking girly lager during this snow-teasing February.

Well a) Grow a pair b) The lovely landlady at the Westminster has informed me that they’ll have 7 Real Ales on tap, to warm your cockles with just-above-room-temperature soothing compassionate alcohol.

The event will be sponsored by the Enterprise SEO platform Linkdex, and our very own Ayima. Why’s Ayima sponsoring again? Well, we’re trying to get you drunk so that we can poach you for one of our open job vacancies 😉

  • Date/Time: Thursday 23rd February 2012, 6ish until late
  • Venue: Westminster Arms
  • Address:9 Storey’s Gate,Westminster, London SW1P 3AT
  • Nearest Tube Station: Westminster (Circle, District & Jubilee)
  • Directions From Conference: [Google Map] [Bing Map]
  • Cost: Free (no invite needed, just bring along your business card)

Remember to put aside a business card for us, otherwise you won’t get free beer!