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You know that this is an important LondonSEO, when I tone down the post and delete my IRA jokes. For this is not just any LondonSEO, this is a sumptuous creamy chocolate LondonSEO Annual General Meeting – sprinkled with craft beer and unicorns.

There are no sponsors, there are no conference goers, this shows us what you’re really made of!

Do you only go to LondonSEO with a clammy selection of leaflets from depressingly average SEO apps in one hand, a goodie bag of pens made by child slave workers promoting a search engine that nobody has heard of in the other? Or are you the honourable LondonSEO attendee, that comes to chat to fellow industry brethren, sharing in the comforting dwellings of London’s pubstitutions? Put down your ill-conceived PowerPoint presentation on the future of SEO, we’re only interested in beer and conversation.

All of Ayima’s SEO Consultants are planning to attend this event, with Tony, Brandon, Dave, Dean and Mark flying in especially. Our friends Jay and Julie will also be there, in an attempt to break the record for the most North Carolinians abroad at any one time.

Craft Beer Co - ClerkenwellWhere better to hold such an international gathering, than at a Craft Beer Co pub with over 200 beers from around the world?! Don’t worry my fruity warriors, alcoholic grape juice, apple juice and Panda Pop is also available.

We’d love to see other agencies making an effort to bring along their SEOs as well, so please do spread the word, encourage your co-workers and make this a special event.

  • Date/Time: Tuesday 14th August 2012, 6ish until late
  • Venue: Craft Beer Co
  • Address: 82 Leather Lane, Clerkenwell, London, EC1N 7TR
  • Nearest Tube Station: Farringdon (H&C, Circle and Metropolitan Lines) and Chancery Lane (Central Line)
  • Maps: [Google Map] [Bing Map]
  • Cost: Free + Buy Your Own (no invite needed)

LondonSEO has booked out the upstairs of the Craft Beer Co pub, so come up the stairs to the left of the bar. We look forward to seeing you all then!

9 thoughts on “LondonSEO – The AGM

  1. No! Bloody no way! Something always steps in to stop me getting to this. A client meeting, am-dram appearances, and now my bloody wedding anniversary.

    Oh well… as I always say, next time.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I was looking forward to this event. However, I am working late tonight and tomorrow as I am off to Stockholm on Thursday.
    I hope to see you all at the next meetup.


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