UPDATE: LondonSEO on Monday 17th October

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

I’ve just chatted to the lovely Sarah at a4uexpo regarding our venue for next Monday’s LondonSEO/a4uexpo extravaganza.

Due to security being on the door and a4uexpo attendees needing to register for the conference, we’re going to run a guest list on the door for LondonSEO people. The good thing is that the guest list isn’t exclusive and attendance is still free (including free beer). You do need to sign up here though, unless you’re a fully paid conference attendee of a4uexpo this year (although feel free to still sign up with us if you are).

Please make sure that you and everyone attending LondonSEO with you has signed up via the above Eventbrite page, otherwise the bouncers will bounce you away! When you get in, you’ll be given a free drinks sticker.

What? You want more than loads of free beer at a free party?! OK then…

Searchmetrics have just informed me that they’ll be giving away a free Amazon Kindle at LondonSEO. Simply stick your business card in a jar at the registration desk. No purchase necessary, blah blah blah.


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