Don’t Be A Dick, Go To PubCon

by Rob Kerry - Posted on

Jay celebrating Pubcon in style
Jay celebrating Pubcon in style

It’s PubCon Vegas next month and there’s never been a better reason to go. Vegas hotels are suffering in the recession and slashing prices, airlines are offering some killer deals and LondonSEO has secured an exclusive 30% discount code on all PubCon passes!

The event runs between Monday 8th to Thursday 11th November, just a month away. Pubcon differs from the average internet marketing conference, covering topics such as Domaining, Reputation Management, Tech Stuff and being an Affiliate. If you fancy going to another conference and need to explain to your boss why it’s different from the last conference you attended, take a look at Pubcon’s agenda.

Not only will LondonSEO save you $360 off the All Access Pass (making it even cheaper than the early bird discounted rate), our friend Mr Trump is also offering hotel rooms at his 5-star Trump International Hotel Las Vegas at silly rates. The official conference hotel is the Wynn (which is awesome), but a return flight from London Heathrow plus 6 nights at Donald’s crib can be snapped up on Expedia for just £830!

So to conclude:

  • Get a massive discount on a conference pass
  • Stay at a 5-star hotel for less money than a bright orange easyHotel
  • Meet people who don’t attend the other conferences
  • Make new industry friends and potential clients
  • Buy me a drink for saving you money and twisting your arm 😉

Almost forgot…
The magical discount coupon is: rk-5928430

Cheers my dears,

Rob Kerry


8 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Dick, Go To PubCon

  1. Hi,
    I am Online Professional from India working in Affiliate Marketing & SEO field & I want to attend this conference, so please tell me the procedure to go there & the expenditure.


    Ashok Nain

  2. Unfortunately, I cannot make this event, but I woudl like to know when, or if, there is going to be a London event in 2011 and how do i get on the list to be kept updated please?

    1. Marc:

      The City of Las Vegas definitely needs all the cash it can get (16% unemployment)…so this is a public service, too…

      Thank you, Rob Kerry, for the coupon code. Very kind of you. Mr Trump…always the promoter. But it’s really hard not to like him even if he does sometimes appear to be the scoundrel.

  3. man, I have to go to pubcon, i’m finally going to be in USA at the time, but gotta make a flight from NYC. with this discount, I think I gotta make it happen

    nice job guys, tahnks for the coupon


  4. 😀

    We’ve got 8 peeps headed on down for 8 days in the desert. gulp.

    Already staying in Trump’s place, missed out on the Salon suite at Wynn this time. The $4000 was too much! Flying on Virgin Direct at Travel Rates, + we got group discount and sharing rooms, + 20% off with Dixon Jones code, we’re checking in at £900 a head.

    Add on my whisky and blackjack bill and it’s a deal. Life EV / ROI+


    We have a spare ticket if anyone wants it and can make a good case, however I think I am going to give it to Jay if he hasn’t already got one… Messy and fun times ahead!

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